Magnolia Ballroom
Dancers' Association

We welcome and encourage dancers to perform
dance exhibitions at our dances.

Click here to download a membership application.


MEMBERSHIP INFO: Anyone 21 years or older interested in dancing may join MBDA. Dues are $35 per person per year. Membership entitles members to admission to dances for $10, special discounts on workshops, newsletters regarding dances and special events throughout the year, in addition to other benefits. If you are not yet sure about joining but want to receive information about upcoming events, you can join our email distribution list, by contacting Jane Phillips.

Membership is subject to the bylaws of the MBDA. Those may be downloaded and reviewed by clicking here. These give the MBDA legal standing and prevent the arbitrary denial of membership privileges.


Fun: Dancing is one of the most fun activities you can do! Come and find out why over 10 million people ballroom dance in the US alone.

Exercise: It is a proven fact doing a Cha Cha for thirty minutes will burn over 300 calories; imagine how many calories you will burn by dancing a combination of dances for three hours.

Social: Come and meet our wonderful members and guests. Our doors are open to everyone who wants to enjoy the benefits of dancing.

Meet New and Exciting People: There is always someone new at our dance functions, and you are welcome to come out and meet our members.

Education: Come learn new techniques and steps. We will host professional dance lessons before our functions from time to time. All studio and independent instructors are welcome to apply. We strive to expand our knowledge of the art of Ballroom Dancing and you are welcome to join us.
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